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Our Team

Mussadiq Ijaz


With over 4 decades of experience in the banking industry, Musaddiq Ijaz has been a pioneer in managing credit cycle. Prior to joining BenchMatrix, Mr. Musaddiq has worked as Chief Risk Officer in Bank Al Bilad, Ltd., Saudi Arabia. He has previously been associated with prominent names in the industry; Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Ltd, MCB Bank Ltd, PICIC and others. He has worked with numerous local and international clients with a diversified portfolio, belonging to various sectors of the economy. He has also developed and executed several risk management frameworks and risk strategies with credit sanctioning authority.

Irfan Fazli

Founder & Group CEO

Irfan Fazli has over 28 years of experience in investment banking, commercial banking and global securities operations, specializing in risk management and audit functions. He is an Enterprise Risk Management expert and has led several full cycle implementations while working with leading global banks.

Taimur Kaleem

CEO – Pakistan

A seasoned executive manager with a track record of 50+ successful projects and 9 years of experience in the areas of management consultancy, project management, business development, systems development and implementation with particular focus on risk management, compliance, core banking and reporting. Seeking to utilize my professional expertise to leverage proven management techniques in delivery of core business projects.

Hunain Ahmed

CEO – OctoberNow

Hunain Ahmed has over 9 years of experience in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. He has designed and implemented comprehensive risk management frameworks comprising of vital elements such as bank-wide risk strategy, policies & procedures, risk appetite, governance and oversight framework to improve the organization’s ability to aggregate, manage and mitigate risk.

Waqas Alam

Deputy CEO – Bahrain

With over 8 years of professional experience in System Development Life Cycle and implementation, Waqas Alam has been responsible for managing development and implementation of multiple GRC Projects in several organizations across the Middle East, Europe, and Pakistan.

Noman Zahid

Group Head of Information Technology

Noman Zahid has over 9 year experience in the field of software analysis, requirement gathering, framework design, and the development and implementation of different products in Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE.

Juzer Shabbir

Deputy Group Head Information Technology

Juzer Shabbir has over 8 years of Domestic & International experience in providing strategic guidance regarding software development life cycle (SDLC). He has been involved in Analysis, Design and Development of Multi-Tiered Web Applications & Distributed Applications for Banking Clients with successful project implementations in Pakistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & various other countries.

Syed Asad Ali Naqvi

Head of Business & Product Development

Syed Asad Ali Naqvi has over 8 years of experience in the field of Finance & Business Development with an MBA degree. He has been one of the pioneers of BenchMatrix and has contributed towards managing the organization’s commercial development ensuring consistent and rapid growth in sales across all channels.

Nadeem Mukaddam

Executive Manager

Nadeem Mukaddam has over 21 years of experience in banking with focus on Risk Management & Compliance in various roles. He has immense experience working with the securities services industry and has been extensively involved in dealing with major US and European Institutional Investors.

Syed M. Ikram-Ullah

Executive Manager

Syed M. Ikram-Ullah has the expertise of IT along with credit & risk management consultancy with almost 2 decades of experience in transformation of business and risk core functional requirements into technical tools. He has contributed immensely to BenchMatrix’s success with proficiency in System Design, Implementation, Project Management and Consultancy focusing on Credit Risk Management Solutions. He has also been responsible for successful implementation of paperless end to end Credit Origination, Credit and Facility Scoring Models, Credit Review and Monitoring System leading to multiple satisfied business partners.

Ahmed Umair

Head of Information Technology – Pakistan

Ahmed Umair has more than 9 years of professional experience working as a Software Engineer and Project Manager. His field of expertise includes designing, programming, testing and implementation of GRC systems. He has been a core part of numerous national and international projects from concept to completion, with successful implementations for several banking clients in Pakistan, Bahrain, and Qatar.

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