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Corporate Loan Origination System

RiskNucleus® – LOS comprehensive functionalities simplifies the process of loan origination, through electronic review of credit’s proposed and existing data.

A complete review & approval process is executed within a well-established credit policy, monitoring regulatory and bank’s policies & deviations closely. This electronic work-flow based loan review process helps banks optimize lending processes and reduce review cycle times.

Credit Policy Automation

Conduct customer, branch, business line, region and OFAC risk assessments through in-built or user-defined models. Risk assessments can then be linked to the Transaction Monitoring Module for improved surveillance.

Customizable Financial Spreads

A single tool enables maintenance of spreads for Corporate, Commercial, Individuals, Foreign and Domestic Financial institutions and NBFI. Each type of spread can be configured separately and linked to each customer type or Segment.

User-defined Scoring

In addition to already built-in rating models, application is architected to facilitate financial institutions in creation and utilization of multiple internal rating models. Users can define models by taking into account all the available parameters for Obligor and Facility Risk Rating and arrive at best possible and acceptable outcomes.

Dynamic Approval Routing

Financial Institutions can specify credit package approval routing engine as per Credit Authorization or Approval Matrix. It ensures dynamic & complete track of activities performed by each recommender or approver on credit package.

End-to-End Credit Process

It provides end to end lending activities from preapproval to post-disbursement processes. This includes credit initiation, appraisal, approval, administration, portfolio management and monitoring, remedial or special assets management etc.

Comprehensive Reports

Wide range of pre-defined reports are available in the reporting module. These reports are designed keeping in view industry standards and client-specific requirements.

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