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Operational Risk Management

RiskNucleus is a fully configurable web-based application that integrates with existing core banking systems to streamline the entire operational risk management process.

Simplify the collection and analysis of loss incidents, identify and assess risks and controls, and monitor the organization’s risk profile. RiskNucleus captures, collects, manages, tracks and generates reports of operational risk events. The System is configured to allow users at all levels of the organization an understandable and easy-to-use platform.

Loss Data & Analytics

Monitor the entire lifecycle of a loss to ensure reduction of loss and avoidance of future incidents. Losses are identified through Checklist, Web Capture and Advanced Loss Analytics is used for detailed assessments. Additionally, loss data reports can be organized to track pertinent information related to each incident reported.

Risk Assessment

Identify key risks and controls, evaluate risk exposure, and score the design and performance of controls using the Risk & Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) module. This module also links risks to corporate goals and assigns action plans in order to mitigate unwanted risks.

Control Testing

Use our comprehensive Control Testing module to test and monitor the performance and design of controls identified during the risk and control assessment process. Control evaluations performed thus can filter back into the risk and control assessment process.

Key Indicators

Business intelligence modules gather valuable data and manipulate it to monitor valuable risk indicators. Configure key indicators and associated thresholds to help assess trends and fluctuations within your organization’s business activities and shoot down emerging unwanted risks.


Generate reports to drill-down into the data to gain a deeper understanding for better analysis. Reports can be generated segment-wise as well as category-wise. Comprehensive reports can also be generated for individual modules i.e. KRI, RCSA etc. Clients can also request custom reports.

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