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Consumer Loan Origination System

To help the banks ensure reliable and prompt lending process while reducing review cycle times, our electronic work-flow based loan review system offers optimization and an authentic complete review & approval process.

With a configurable workflow process, RiskNuclues® Consumer Loan Origination System functions and keeps track of the entire loan process of an individual based on the exclusive information provided by the applicant.

Credit Policy

Takes into consideration eligibility Criteria, Policy and Scheme Setup on the basis of formulae which are linked with the values carried forward from the application. This module ultimately determines whether the factor values are according to Banking Policy or are Exceptions.

Debt Burden Ratio

Lets users calculate the DBR percentage of an Applicant with the help of basic data from Application and ECIBs.

Obligatory Risk Rating

Calculate the Rating of an applicant on the basis of dynamic customizable ranges. These ranges are pre-defined by the Bank’s Risk Management division’s policies.

Electronic Credit Information Bureau

ECIB allows users to upload and maintain the records generated by the banks, including the previous facilities opted by the client.

Repayment Schedule

An Amortization table comprehensively displays the Tenure of financing and Financing Amount which also helps calculate Applicant’s EMI for the selected Tenure.

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