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RiskNucleus® is a web-based, modular fully configurable and integrated application that streamlines the process of GRC solutions, Business Continuity Planning and Online Training according to the organization’s needs.

BenchMatrix Private Limited is a fast growing and fast moving management consultancy firm that specializes in providing innovative, practical and comprehensive solutions. We have product portfolio that spans Credit, Operational and Market Risk applications as well as Governance & Compliance and Online Training solutions.

Risk & Compliance

identify and assess risks and controls

Simplify the collection and analysis of loss incidents, identify and assess risks and controls, and monitor the organization’s risk profile.

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regulatory compliance solution offers comprehensive functionalities

Comply with internal and external policies. Our solution consolidates compliance, policy and training management processes in a single application.

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simplify the process of prudential and internal risk measurement

RiskNucleus® – ERM’s comprehensive functionalities can help simplify the process of prudential and internal risk measurement, monitoring and reporting through integrated data management and configurable reporting engines.

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flexible framework to streamline the management

RiskNucleus® Governance solution provides a flexible framework to streamline the management of an organization’s policies and procedures manuals. The solution allows organizations to automate the process of development, maintenance and communication of policies and procedures across the organization.

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thunder storm

Minimize business disruptions in the face of disasters through our Business Continuity Management module.

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learning through digital media

Organizations are routinely valued on their intellectual capital and not just on their physical. Training is one of the chief methods of maintaining and improving intellectual capital, so the quality of an organization’s training affects its value. Furthermore, increasing emphasis of regulatory bodies has also been ensuring adequate employee training, particularly in the areas of risk management, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. The need for a solution that optimizes training has, therefore, never been more profound.

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simplifies the process of loan origination

RiskNucleus® – LOS comprehensive functionalities simplifies the process of loan origination, through electronic review of credit’s proposed and existing data. A complete review & approval process is executed within a well-established credit policy, monitoring regulatory and bank’s policies & deviations closely.

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loan policy schemes and pricing matrix

Automate loan policy schemes and pricing matrix based on configurable parameters. Enables Banks to process multiple types of loans electronically, through a single centralized system. Deciding action becomes easier to a risk underwriter when key data elements are easily available for review, extracted through an improved automated business process.

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core quantitative measures of risk

Risk ratings are the core quantitative measures of risk that enables financial institutions to identify risk among firms / exposures. Risk Rating is the key component in credit review/approval process, and it derives obligor’s default probabilities and strengthens credit review process by differentiating risk among different obligors.

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customizable rules-based transaction monitoring

A complete AML solution covering KYC, customizable rules-based transaction monitoring, alerts and case management and associated workflows, and regulatory reporting to make sure your organization meets regulatory requirements.

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Digital Banking

BenchMatrix provides a digital platform which helps financial institutions in business transformation that assists in accelerating their digital conversion gambit, offering exceptional substitute to customer onboarding process. It redefines the way financial institutions communicate with their customers on both digital and physical platforms delivering a reliable and unified experience.

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