Message from our CEO – BenchMatrix

Message from our CEO

[Jun 12, 2020] OctoberNow a BenchMatrix Product
Available on IOS and Andriod.
Launched in Karachi at the moment
Our journey started three years ago with an idea, a vision to unlock the biggest and most difficult market.
Retail Groceries!

Make it digital, make it integrated and make it for everyone.

Customer – merchant – bikers – franchises – distributors – wallet – banking channels all connected and aligned.
In two months, we have grown our sales by more than a 100 per cent and while tech firms may be in distress, we have employed over 50 additional staff, downloads have reached 29K plus and ratings on the Playstore have remained over 4.5
I am grateful to the developers and business team of BenchMatrix in transforming this idea into a reality.
I am specially grateful to the last mile staff, our biker boyz, who work tirelessly in the heat and dangerous roads of Karachi to serve our customers.

OctoberNow has a long way to go. We aspire to go global.
In this Journey we will make mistakes, but we will continue to improve.
We will face challenges, but we will continue to overcome.
We will breach our service deliveries due to volumes but we promise not to step back and will strive to remain committed.
If you have not tried OctoberNow and live in Karachi, Pakistan. Try us now.

Irfan Fazli

OctoberNow App

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