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Enterprise Risk Management

RiskNucleus® ERM offers a simple, user-friendly and extremely dynamic platform to help organizations simplify data management and internal and prudential risk reporting based upon Basel and local regulatory guidelines.

RiskNucleus® – ERM’s comprehensive functionalities can help simplify the process of prudential and internal risk measurement, monitoring and reporting through integrated data management and configurable reporting engines.

Data Management

Provides a perfect data management solution for all input and output files. Modify imported data and add new or missing attributes to ensure data completeness and accuracy. Achieve all input and output files with logs for future reference.

Rule Engine & Formula Builder

Use the powerful Formula Builder and Rule Engine modules to configure formulae directly linked to the Risk Data Mart, enabling automated calculation of complex ratios and other risk metrics for use in Basel III Capital Adequacy, Prudential Reporting and Internal Reporting modules.

Drill-down Functionality to Inspect Data Elements

Use the built in drill-down functionality to inspect the data behind all key calculations, and extract a variety of system-generated reports. The system gives complete control over data which can be used to check and analyze key numbers with drill down up to customer transaction level.

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