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Learning Management System

RiskNucleus® Learning Management is a web-based, fully configurable and integrated application that streamlines the training process of employees within your organization.

Organizations are routinely valued on their physical as well as intellectual capital, hence maintaining and improving intellectual capital affect the firm in the long run. Furthermore, with the regulatory bodies’ increasing emphasis on adequate employee training, particularly in the areas of risk management, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, the need for a solution that optimizes training has, therefore, never been more profound.

Course Management

RiskNucleus Learning Management allows you to create courses that comprise of assessments, quizzes and training material. Basic Information about course, like Title of course, Description of course etc. is used to design Course Outline.

Exam Manager

Exam Manager consists of multiple features, depending on the rights allocated to particular profile. It allows users to select and assign Quiz or Course to employee(s). Selection can be made easily via department or designation. For the ease of users, optional filters are available through which employees can be filtered for the exam by course status.

Level & Hierarchies

Hierarchies in an organization are also addressed in this software and it allows you to make as many hierarchical levels as required. Hierarchies can be made at three different levels which include entity, division and department.

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