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RiskNucleus regulatory compliance solution offers comprehensive functionalities covering regulatory compliance analysis, rulebook libraries, audit observations, risk assessment, key compliance indicators, breaches, penalties, action tracking and reports.

RiskNucleus® Compliance solution allows access to customizable libraries, advanced searches, key indicators, self-assessment questionnaires, action plans, exception reporting and simple delivery options designed to save time while preparing and distributing reports to the various positions of the organization’s hierarchy.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis

RiskNucleus Regulatory Compliance framework not only enables the organization to maintain a library of all applicable regulations but it also allows to extract requirements and define activities. These activities can be assigned to relevant departments for completion to ensure compliance.

Internal & External Observation

Findings of inspections conducted by internal and external entities (control functions, external auditors, consultants, regulators etc.) can be managed within the solution. Observation type, risk levels and other important classifications can be mapped to the findings for proper monitoring and reporting.

Self-Certification Questionnaires

This module allows the organization to develop assessment questionnaires and perform compliance assessment through information seeking and evaluation based on configured performance scales. It is particularly helpful in performing ad hoc reviews and periodic compliance assessments.

Regulatory Correspondence

A user-friendly module designed to keep electronic record and tracking of internal and external correspondences with regulators and other relevant authorities. Pre-Inspection section of the module is designed to allow the organization to manage virtual data repository of requirements requested by the regulator.

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