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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our Business Continuity Management module helps organizations mitigate the effects any form of disaster may have on continuing operations and help facilitate a speedy return to working order.

The RiskNucleus Business Continuity Management Solution allows you to respond swiftly in a crisis to protect your operations. The BCM solution provides a centralized and automated approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The application provides an integrated framework for embedding BCM in the risk management model, and automating the BCM end-to-end lifecycle; from planning to implementation, management, and on-going review.

Business Impact Analysis

Through this tool, managers can distribute templates to the relevant businesses and get an updated business profile containing key processes, vital records, assets, vendors, products, critical employees, and impact assessments.

Business Continuity Strategy

RiskNucleus uses complex algorithms to calculate RTOs using the results of the BIA. The process is made simpler and subjectivity is reduced allowing for better decision making.

Crisis Management

Our solution helps enable users to report and manage crisis events, send notifications to communicate crisis information to appropriate personnel, and activate business continuity plans to recover disrupted business operations, facilities and IT infrastructure

Business Continuity Plans

Our solution allows users to develop detailed recovery plans for business processes or IT assets, utilizing automated workflow for plan testing, activation and approval

Plan Testing

Through our solution you can test your business continuity plans. Test results can help you indentify process gaps, determine the time required for restoring business and infrastructure, and ensure that all dependencies have been captured. Test results will also allow you to improve the process through action plans.

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