Credit Risk Management

In absence of a system that can effectively manage credit risk, banks and other financial institutions are exposed to a significant amount of credit risk. Regulatory bodies worldwide have issued guidelines that have set demanding new rules especially with regards to counterparty exposures and concentration risk. Worldwide trends are similar – the implementation of the Basel Accords has become a priority for most of the financial institutions including banks. BenchMatrix’s Risk Nucleus - CRM can help financial institutions comply with these new and revised regulatory standards, helping them manage their risk more effectively and efficiently.

RiskNucleus significantly mitigates credit risk and improves TATs through a simple and easy to use web-based application. The application streamlines the entire process of credit risk management, making operations standardized without the need to source external expertise. RiskNucleus configures to meet specific needs of the financial services sector such as meeting guidelines set by local and international regulatory agencies. For banks this means meeting rules in accordance with Basel II for credit exposure, concentration limits, governance, legal and operational risk management, monitoring, margining, reporting, and analytics, especially with regards to counterparty exposures and concentration risk.

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