Governance and Compliance

The Compliance & Governance Module of Risk Nucleus is a fully automated, well-organized and user-friendly solution which encompasses all regulatory activities and internal policy & procedures under one framework. It provides a platform to obtain all the relevant regulatory news, analysis, rules, and developments to support you. It connects every regulatory action to an internal policy which implies that your organization will be compliant from all ends.

The solution assists in meeting your firm’s internal policy and procedure requirements. It provides insight into who has viewed and read an updated policy, presenting a full evidence trail of policy acceptance and understanding. This highly auditable approach ensures that effective supervision is effortlessly managed for the top management.

It further allows access to customizable libraries, advanced searches, key indicators, self-assessment questionnaires, action plans, exception reporting and simple delivery options designed to save time while preparing and distributing reports to the various positions of the organization’s hierarchy.

RiskNucleus® Compliance & Governance is a comprehensive tool to ensure that your organization’s compliance and governance framework is equipped to meet these challenges.

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