Risk Advisory

Get maximum value for your investment in Risk Management. With our guidance, connect business processes and integrate valuable data using best risk management practices. We Understand the threats facing your business and with our process of assessment, diagnosis and transformation, change the way risk is managed in your organization.

Enterprise Risk Management

BenchMatrix develops ERM frameworks that enhance the capability and coordination of various risk functions within an organization to provide a unified picture of risks for stakeholders. The process involves identifying particular risks and circumstances relevant to the organization’s goals and processes, assessing their impact and frequency, determining a response strategy, and consistently monitoring their progress. BenchMatrix's ERM framework supports Credit, Market, Strategy, Reputation and Operational risks. The framework sets up communication and reporting channels for efficient utilization of resources. We have designed tools to simplify the overall risk management process and reduce cost to a minimum in order to create maximum value for business.

Operational Risk Management

BenchMatrix's Operational Risk Management team develops forward thinking frameworks that allow customers to meet both current regulatory requirements and future needs of the industry. Our team has expert knowledge on Operational Risk Management with over 18 years of banking experience across the Middle East. The framework includes establishing policies & procedures, defining roles and responsibilities, developing strategy, and implementing the system. BenchMatrix makes day to day management of operational risk easier through its Risk Nucleus ORM product suite. Risk Nucleus ensures a simplified and cost effective implementation in addition to being fully compatible with the existing hardware and software infrastructure in use with the financial and nonfinancial industry. Risk Nucleus offers all three modules suggested by BASEL II accord, these include Loss Data, KRI and RCSA. Find out more about RiskNucleus's ORM product suite here.


BenchMatrix's Basel II framework aims to provide organizations with prudent capital regulation, supervision, and market discipline in order to have financial stability and minimizing risks. Basel II is not about implementing a regulatory framework but it is actually a framework of best practices in order to drive efficiencies in work processes. The implementation of Basel II lays the ground work for an organization to mitigate and manage both internal and external risks. Our team has full cycle Basel II implementation experience in various organizations. Click here to view details of projects we have completed.

Disaster Recovery and Business Contingency Planning

BenchMatrix develops comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans to identify key weaknesses and implement disaster prevention programs to prevent those weaknesses from causing irreparable losses. For natural disasters or otherwise, BenchMatrix has innovative technology that ensures secure retrieval of critical data and information that businesses rely on.