Management Consultancy

Truly evolve your business through optimal management of people, processes and technology. With our help, bridge the gap between Business Strategy and Technology. We work by identifying gaps in business processes and strive for continuous improvement. We believe that market leadership is possible when Strategy and Technology are leveraged to draw maximum value in realizing an organization's goals

Business Strategy and plans

BenchMatrix identifies an organizations Raison d'être and clarifies goals in its light. Clarity, coordination and experience help us in directing businesses to focus on their core competencies and deliver exceptional value to their customers.

Business Process Re-engineering

Change is hard but at times recognition of the need for change is even harder. BenchMatrix takes as an objective observer takes a fresh look at your operational and back-office business processes to identify non-value adding processes. Our team will then align your organizational processes to an ideal workflow which will add maximum value at minimum cost to create efficiencies in the system. Throughout the process goals and risks are identified with assessment of strengths to design an ideal organization framework including structure, policies and data flows.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Control

BenchMatrix takes a modern and creative approach in strategy alignment. Our approach hinges on creating and managing short & long term operational plans, developing financial plans & controls, budget assessment and individual and organizational performance measures and controls. BenchMatrix excels at providing these services with an experienced team that thrives on going beyond customer expectations.

Transaction Advisory

BenchMatrix provides services such as financial and operational due diligence. We will tell you the source for the best equity provider, how to raise funds on the most suitable terms and how to develop the optimum level of debt finance to support acquisitions, investment opportunities and fund-raising across countries.